O, Yes I can...

by Cathy Paper Bottern on November 7th, 2009

I am still laughing at all the covers Ellen, the TV talk show host and comedian, put together to reach her goal of being on the cover with Oprah. Ellen makes me laugh. She's funny. She's driven. And she seems to have a pure playful sense of humor. The story goes that almost a year ago she decided she wanted to be on the cover of O magazine. I guess that is not what Oprah does. Usually it's just her. So she starts to campaign and show her viewers how it goes as she tries to make this happen. She calls the Harpo offices and waits 11 minutes. She mocks up cover after cover that are so funny. And she really grovels. Then Oprah calls and it starts to happen. The two of them set the goal of this being the best selling cover ever. As a business consultant and guide for others to take inspired action, I know how much work it can take to reach your goal. And, most often, if you have a few laughs along the way you reach the goal. Ellen and her Oprah cover are another example. FYI, this isn't the real cover for December 2009. That comes in my next post.

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