Buried Treasure

by Cathy Paper Bottern on November 11th, 2009

My dog Stella ate some of the leftover blueberry pancakes this morning when I went to walk the kids to the bus stop! As a bonus, since the kids had forgotten to feed her again, I gave her 3 more blueberry pancakes and let her outside. (Way less mess to clean up!)

A few minutes later, I looked up from the newspaper and she was burying the pancakes, very happily. Why do we bury things? Was she saving them for later? Usually she parades around with her treasures.

I work with clients to help them use their strengths and talents each day at their job. Sometimes they bury their best stuff by accident --often not happily. I consistently encourage them to play their game and identify and value what they do best each day. If they love to brainstorm and connect ideas, then become the person in the firm who brings new ideas to market or leads business development. If they like to develop other people, manage or become the company trainer. Don't bury your best talents, even if you love them. Keep on using your skills with all your effort. No digging.

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