Be Upbeat.

by Cathy Paper Bottern on November 18th, 2009

Earlier this month I spoke to a group looking for work through the Minneapolis Job Support Group. I know it takes courage to go to job support groups. It's a drag to struggle. And looking for work can be a struggle. If you let it be too big a challenge it will overwhelm you and drain you. I have changed jobs and careers several times. I know a bit what it is like, everyone is different. I encouraged the group to keep their search fun and real. Look at the people you know in your life, from personal and professional situations, and reach out. Maybe you haven't connected in a long time, but still reach out. Use linked in, twitter, facebook or the phone. Most people want to help someone looking for work. They are even more interested in helping a person that is genuinely upbeat and real. Be gracious about their time. Be thankful for their support. And be the kind of person that they would want to recommend or pass along.

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