Finding Your Voice.

by Cathy Paper Bottern on February 6th, 2010

I watch TV to unwind and to stay current on pop culture or so I tell myself. Sometimes I miss a few shows but I hear about themfrom Entertainment Weekly. UGLY Betty is one of them.

So, the other night, I was watching a rerun I think and there she was talking about her blog and winning an award from the BLOBBY group. Granted she only had 72 followers but the group thought she had a great blog. She was upbeat, informative, etc. Her boss, told her some tough news and her feelings were hurt. She debated about posting on it and "ripping on him". She did and her blog went wild with comments, readers, etc. She felt horrible and it played out that they made up etc. (Watch full episode!)

There was one line that struck me was that her blog was her way to find her voice and share what was going on inside her head. I find my blog does the same thing by giving me a place to promote and practice the power of reflection. At RockPaperStar I work with speakers, leaders and managers to guide them to find their voice and their style. Writing and reflecting are two effective ways to connect to your style and to keep learning as you grow and change. Thanks Ugly Betty. I'm only sorry your show got canceled. It was funny. Thank goodness for Netflix.

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