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by Cathy Paper Bottern on March 8th, 2010

I like to read. As a kid I was told I am a slow reader and sometimes I don't get the main idea so quickly but I keep at it. I am showing you this book by Harvey Mackay because it was his first book. He's since sold 10 million books and been a New York Times #1 bestseller, twice. And the count has expanded to seven titles.

Every time I am working with Harvey he shares little nuggets with me about his experiences or insights. And just today I learned that one of these gems that I had always attributed to him actually was from another author named Charles Tremendous Jones. The idea is this, your life is changed by the people you meet and the books you read.

I so agree. I have met many people, probably more than books read. And each person teaches me something or helps me gain new ideas. And I hope I give them something meaningful. Each book I read connects me to a new thought, concept or story about how life works or how to make life work better. I recommend people read a variety of books, not just business books or self-help or fiction, but a mix to expand your perspective.

Who introduces you to new ideas or new people? Who keeps you on path towards your goals or tells you when you've talked too much about the same issue. When you're working on building a business, I ask my clients who is in their fan club. Harvey calls it his "Kitchen Cabinent". These same people that help you grow your business will also help you meet other people and read other books. Seek out both and you'll learn lots and live a full life.

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