It's all a game.

by Cathy Paper on May 26th, 2010

It's how you play yours that makes the difference. I love tennis. I used to play a lot and over the years I lost touch with the game but am making a come back. One of my goals is to see all four of the major Opens, Australian, French, Wimbeldon and U.S in my lifetime. It's my own personal grand slam.
It's French Open time and I was watching an interview of the #3 in the world women's player Caroline Wozniacki. She's Danish, as is my husband, so I perked up to see what she had to say. The interviewer asked her what makes her so great. "My serve and my belief in myself." I was nodding in agreement as to what makes a person so powerful. 80% of sports are mental and I believe that life is as well. If you have the ability to keep working on your game and knowing how to work with your skills and ability you will reach your goals.
I've also heard that people hire on attitude and the rest is trainable. So ask yourself, what's my mental game like and what's my attitude doing for my job search, business goals or life balance.
My game continues to grow the more I believe in and nourish my gifts. Be intentional about your strengths and invest in your belief in yourself. My serve was never very good. I'm more of a volley girl and my belief in myself was what made me a strong player that loved being on the court and giving my all. Play your game and take inspired action.

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