Dust Off Your Talents

by Cathy Paper on June 20th, 2010

Has it been a bit since you've done an activity you really loved?

Maybe you are too busy with actions like emails, phone calls and meetings to be playful or at ease. Talents sound important and many think it's hard work that will bring you happiness, health, joy or money. (Usually in the top three that people desire.) I believe a talent is fun and instinctive!

I was just looking for photos and stumbled on this shot of me from camp. I love to waterski and I love to run. Once upon a time I would quickly say I had talent in these activities. (It's the anniversary of my first Grandma's Marathon and I couldn't find the photo.) Granted I never entered the TommyBartlett waterski show, but I do still enjoy a good whirl around Lake Minnetonka or Round Lake.

Talents are those things that calm the mind, focus your desires and harness the power of the body. Often, a talent comes easily at first and then as you work towards improving it, sometimes the gains aren't so fast. That can be when you slow down your effort or even stop believing that it's really a talent unique to you. Once a talent becomes more work, do you discount or forget about your gifts? Please stop that! These are your talents. These are the actions you once did so effortlessly you dreamed BIG and you probably hit it. Find that natural place where your mind, body and spirit were synced up. It feels great and you just know it. Dust off your talents.

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