You just know.

by Cathy Paper on July 7th, 2010

You know when something is right for you. You know when a person is fun to road trip with and when you wish they would never have gotten in your car, even for a 15 minute drive across town. You know when it's time to leave a job. You know when an idea is amazing.

Yet, do we trust those thoughts enough to speak up and take action on those instinctive moments. I happened to meet a woman in Sundance who teaches businesses and individuals how to harness their intuition. The best part of this informative book is she jokes about not being too "woo-woo" and makes understanding how to develop your intuition approachable.

As part of my business I see intuition in practice in many situations. I work with business owners who have acheived results again and again to harness their story. A large portion of their success is that they know how to take action on a hunch. They do just enough research and data gathering to verify those instincts. And, they know how to learn from challenges or "great learning experiences" to make the next round of intuitive moments deliver desired results.

It only takes a moment to listen and validate what the "little voice" called impulse, instinct or intuition is saying and trust it. Do you want to go farther or do better at something? You could read this book sometime. Or later today when you have that moment/flash, take a deep breath, listen, and since you know what to do, go for it. Play your game and take inspired action.

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