Find Your Center.

by Cathy Paper Bottern on July 23rd, 2010

Center in my mind stands for a hub, the middle, halfcourt, the powercenter, bellybutton, the location point from where all things fan out. So on a recent family trip, the tour guide showed us the center of Washington D.C in the basement of the Capitol. Can you see the star on the floor? That was to mark this important geographic spot in the new Nation. And below it the architect intended for George Washington, the cities founding father, to be buried below. I found that a little creepy.

George Washington must have had a different power center than the Capitol in Washington DC. He chose to be buried at Mount Vernon, many miles away, where he lived, entertained, gardened and relaxed between major battles and enormous political decisions. There was no star there, but his porch looked like the center of the property to me.

My point in talking about finding your center and marking it if you like is that when we get busy with life, business or family, it's very easy to lose you center. That leads to distraction, bad decisions, self-doubt, and inefficiencies. I encourge all of my clients to know what kind of place or activity takes them back to their power center. Having that level of awareness about your own physical body and the actions taken to reach your goals will make your results even greater and your ability to lintegrate and learn from any challenges all the faster. Please go find your center, take a pause and mark it with a big old star!

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