What do you want?

by Cathy Paper on October 3rd, 2010

Does anyone really know what they want to do for work when they go to college, are in colllege or graduate from college? I didn't.

I just came from my high school reunion and I was talking to one of my friends about the power of education. I wondered if going to school with smart people made you smarter or if a person is just destined to be motivated to learn, grow and contribute and plug into life. What do you think?

We talked about this education, environment vs. DNA topic for a while and during the conversation, he shared that in college he barely went to class. He was so focused on getting a great job and establishing his career that he skipped class to intern and work in his chosen field. Wow, I thought. This is job clarity at an early age. I had inklings of what I liked to do and what I was interested in, but no way would I have been motivated enough or clear enough to go full force towards my work interests.

Today, I see many people that have job clarity and many that are sorting it out. Each person has their own view of what resonates with them in the workplace. That's a good thing. It's learning to ask yourself the tough questions and create your own cost/benefit analysis that creates lifelong career satisfaction. Ask yourself what you really love to do, play your game and keep taking inspired action.

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Ben - October 4th, 2010 at 9:19 PM
Great post! Having graduated college a year ago and continuing to intern around the cities, there's still an uncertainty as of what the heck I should be doing, but the "cost/benefit analysis" is starting to make sense. Love it and I'll keep playing my game and taking that ever so awesome inspired action!

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