How2 Know If You're Full of B.S.

by Cathy Paper on March 7th, 2011

Take this quick quiz. Do you market and promote speakers and authors. Check 1.
Do you ever get called a motivational speaker. Check 2. Do you work to project a positive, confident image. Check 3. You once fancied yourself a rock star? Check 4. Three check's and you're a bullshitter.

I don't consider myself a bullshitter. I speak the truth, with an occassional white lie about the tooth fairy, speed limits and college antics. I am passionate, excitable and a tad dramatic.

Recently someone I love said, "Hey you're always so positive on twitter and facebook yet you tell me your fears & struggles." I realized I just crossed the line to an "online bullshitter." So, let's be clear. I struggle. I don't reach my goals fast enough. I get pissed when clients don't hire me fast enough or trust me enough to take 100% of my advice. I can't seem to lose the last 15 lbs from my now eight year old son's pregnancy. Get the picture.

We all have fears. I'd say you've spotted a bullshitter if they tell you everything's great all the time. If they never admit a weakness or slow down enough to reveal a flaw. I don't recommend announcing all your flaws to the world, but I do believe the more genuine you can be about what's working and what you could use some help solving the more likely the bullshit meter will go down when you are near and your results will improve. And the faster you will harness your own power.

I slow down 15 minutes at least every day to assess how to play my game and keep taking inspired action. I invite you to do the same.

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Tom Paper - March 8th, 2011 at 8:51 PM
Cathy Paper is no bullshitter and that's no bs. She's smart, fun, loyal, compassionate, competitive and inspirational. She gets that from herself, her husband, her parents and a little bit from her siblings, of which I am one.
Jeff Stafford - March 16th, 2011 at 1:29 PM
I'd agree about being a genuine, authentic leaders. You can't bullshit authenticity. You just can't.

The best leaders are those who can admit "I know more today than I did yesterday. And I'll know more tomorrow than I know today." These are the kinds of leaders that can make quick course corrections and lead through most anything.

More importantly, they will have followers, align and follow them through anything!

Nice post.

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