How2 Experiment With New Media.

by Cathy Paper on March 28th, 2011

There's so many ways available to stay connected, learn and share information. Mind boggling frankly.

It used to be you read the newspaper, talked to people across the fence, at work, at school etc and that's how you got your information and connection fix. Then came TV and information moved faster. Now with the internet the pace has picked up and the options for sharing ideas enormous.

I keep asking my clients, what's it all for. Why do you want to do all these tools you're hearing about, linked in, foursquare, twitter, facebook, etc. What are you hoping to say to your customers? What do you hope to learn about them? How do your messages hang together?

Feel free to experiment with new media and give all the applications and tools out there a try, but without a plan of what you want to accomplish time and energy is wasted. Examine why you want to spend time sharing customer photos on facebook or posting quotes from your book. Are you merely barfing out your voice? Or do you hope to engage in a conversation or learn things from their experience or build community?

Be a rock star. Play Your Game and Take Inspired Action.

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Dee - April 28th, 2011 at 10:40 AM
Thanks for the Great advice on having a purpose for trying new tech. Sometimes I fall into the trap of trying too many things just because they are new. BTW I found you because I am subscribed to Harvey Mackey weekly email, I am using a service for gmail called rapporitive which pushed me to your linkedin and from linkedin to here.

best regards

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