How2 Develop Your Story.

by Cathy Paper on June 12th, 2011

It's summer time and libraries offer special reading programs for kids to keep learning all summer. Read 10 books & get a free book or a sticker! Yet as adults we're either a regular reader or only read books when we're working to improve a skill. There's not a lot in the middle. Yet everyone likes a good story and I believe has a good story inside them.

I work with speakers and authors and meet many people who have writing a book on their "bucket list"(A list of all the things you want to do in your life). People arrive with their story at various stages. I notice the best, most powerful stories are developed out of someone's personal experience.

By personal experience I mean the author, business owner or individual has wrestled with something in their life to date, or they have a skill that has helped them acheive a great level of success or maybe they found out with a tough life lesson how to reach a goal and they want to share their insights with a younger audience.

The personal experience story has three solid advantages. First it's easy to write about because you've lived it and you know it.The biggest hurdle is getting comfortable with actually defining it and telling it to other people. Start small. Outline, talk into a recorder, just start.

The second advantage of telling a personal story is it's genuine, emotional and you have people in your life that lived it with you and will help you by providing testimonials that reinforce the truth of your story.

The third is you're still living it and using your story to acheive more, help others grow,develop yourself or connect with other people. If you're really committed to the benefits of your story and your motives are to help change others lives by an experience you've lived and learned from you will produce a great story.

Start putting things on paper. Play Your Game. Take Inspired Action.

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