How2 Get Noticed.

by Cathy Paper on July 16th, 2011

I was never the practical, sneaky one in college when it came to pranks, but I always had good ideas. As I result if I didn't consult with others before taking action I tended to get in trouble, i.e. fire alarm incident.

As I've matured I've gotten wiser. Yet just like a good prank, getting noticed requires creativity and sometimes a dash or two of impulsivity. The other day at The Healthiest Employers luncheon hosted by Twin Cities Business Journal at the end of the event I noticed the cool green bikes from the NiceRide Minnesota organization and the wheels started turning.

Upon seeing this bike just sitting there, I felt the urge to promote the organization. I had just sat next to the wonderful NiceRide team and heard more about what they were about. I had the idea to ride around the now emptying out event to draw a little attention to these cool bikes. Was it protocol? Was it the smartest thing to do? Was it approved by management? Does it really matter?

So I grabbed the bike and took two or three laps around the booth space. The result was we laughed, a few people looked over and saw the cool green bikes and asked what was going on and we got noticed. When rockpaperstar promotes a clients speaking message, book launch or business, we believe that sometimes the best ideas require a little bit of that prankster thinking and immediate execution, especially if budgets are tight. Rock on!

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