How2 Market An Idea.

by Cathy Paper on October 29th, 2011

People are marketing ideas all day long and they may not even know it. First there's "your personal brand"--what are you about, what do you represent, what do you talk about, who do you hang out with. All of those say something about you.That's marketing since it's a message that others may pick up.

Then, say you run your own business or work for a company, you are marketing their ideas. What do you say about your workplace? Do you talk about your clients and customers? Your coworkers? All of that is marketing the ideas of the company. It could be intentional or it could just show up.

The speakers and authors we work with market their ideas through books, speeches, products and social media. For example for Harvey Mackay's upcoming book launch we just did a skype call with Chris Brogan--a social media ALL Star and a teleseminar with Sally Hogshead--a fascinating author and a powerhouse marketing agency. For Joe Sweeney and Nick Tasler we are connecting with audiences through teleseminars. Please join us.

Marketing your ideas is about putting what you want outside of your head, with a plan and a cohesive message. Start the conversation, listen, and you'll see what is working. Play Your Game and Take Inspired Action.

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