How2 Get Results.

by Cathy Paper on February 12th, 2012

I have assembled quite a collection of self help books. Call it an occupational hazard or just curiousity on what others are writing. I read a lot of business books, self help books and workbooks.

In fact, a woman at Barnes & Noble once looked at me with my stack of books and I'm sure thought I was having some sort of nervous breakdown. As I checked out it suddenly dawned on me that I had more books than most people read in a lifetime.

Yet, what I've noticed is that successful people keep learning and growing to reach their results. It doesn't matter if they are looking to improve at speaking, golf or their business, successful people ask for help. They read books. They hire others. They interview others that might know more than they do about how to put or promote their ideas.

We recently developed new products and a website for Dr. Jeff Spencer who has advised Lance Armstrong and the Tour De France team. He knows what it takes to make a champion. Are you ready to be a champion? Do you ask for help to improve your results? Check it out at

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