How2 Sell More Books.

by Cathy Paper on May 11th, 2012

I have the good fortune of working with many amazing clients. As a result, they teach me a few things while we're working on book launches or product development projects.

I will always remember the first book signing I did with Harvey Mackay at the Minneapolis Barnes & Noble. He hosted a book-signing event for four hours on the first day of the book launch. I thought this man has amazing stamina to stand and connect with his fans for so long. It was a great night yet by 9 pm I was cooked and ready to go home. I thought Harvey would be ready to leave too, but NO! He turns to me and says "Bring over the chair, it's time to sign books." I was thinking he had cracked up. My feet hurt and I wanted to go to sleep. Why was he doing this?

He knows how to connect with his audience and appreciate their support. He knew that when someone who had missed the book signing came into the store the next day and could buy a signed book they would be psyched. When you take the time to sign a book and connect to the people who read your books, your readership grows. And as your readership grows, more people talk about your ideas and your expertise. And as a result of their conversations, more books will sell and more speaking engagements will come your way and then more coaching products or events will be successfully launched, etc. etc.

So the next time a bookstore manager or a publicist asks you to sign books after a book signing, grab a pen and honor your readers with your signature and everyone wins.

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