How2 Get A Good Feeling

by Cathy Paper on August 18th, 2012

Sure there are a variety of chemicals you can take to get yourself fired up, i.e. steriods, booze, drugs etc.  But why not pull inspiration from a variety of places and get started. I happen to like radio, movies and the out of doors.

This website that all the "young kids" are talking about caled iHeart Radio is a place to plug in music that fires you up and make your own station.  Kind of like itunes, but more aggressive in their marketing and linked to live radio stations too.

So what are your stations.  Do you click around and try new ideas to get you inspired to move forward towards your goals?  Or are you still listening to whatever is programmed in the stations from a few years ago.  Mix it up.  Get back that good feeling you have when you first connect with a song or a new idea.  You want to get up and dance or move faster on the basketball court.  Have you made a mix tape, (dating myself) lately and really cranked out your best work.  Go for it and get your message out into the world or call rockpaperstar to inspire you to take action.

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