How2 Open An Easy Open Bottle

by Cathy Paper on November 11th, 2012

I'm big on connections and analogies as you may know by reading this blog.  So, when I first found myself cursing at a dishwasher detergent bottle that I could not unhinge from the giant piece of plastic linking the two bottles together.  And next looking at my daughter laughing that I could not get off the plastic top to remove the safety seal without the "special rubber opening tool." I had to make a connection to book launches.

People sell products saying it's easy to write a book and do a book launch.  It can be if you want to whack something together with typos and call your friends and ask them to come to your office to celebrate that you're done with your 50 page book-let.  That would be easy.  But it wouldn't be very memorable.

I would rather be honest & tell people that writing and launching a book is hard work but it's worth it.  Plan a bit and if you know why you are doing it and what you hope to accomplish when it's over.  Think why you want to write a book or speak more. Maybe you have a compelling story to tell that you think would help others grow and change.  Maybe you want to do more speaking and have heard that a bestselling book gives  you credibility. Maybe you want to organize your thinking.  Any of these are great reasons to dive into a book launch project.  But if you're doing it, don't call it easy and then wrap it in plastic and make it impossible to open/finish.  Outline your goals, read up on what others have learned, mentally prepare yourself for long hours, and then you'll have more fun if you know what you're in for.

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