A few tips for speaking and book launches

by Cathy Paper on December 7th, 2012

Tips Come in All Shapes and Sizes and so do speakers and authors.  Here are a few ideas you can immediately take action upon:

1. Voice Tone for emphasis. 
(When and where do you put your inflection when you're speaking. A bit of variation is refreshing.  And, it makes a STRONGER point!  Gone are the days of blah, blah, blah.)

2. Use of Facts and Repeated Phrases.  (A big part of speaking and being interviewed by media is reinforcing the phrases and ideas you want to be known for by your audience, readers etc.  So as you begin marketing your book create a list of top 5 phrases that you want to be associated with. For example, I want readers and listeners to hear the statistic that of the 40,000 business books published each year, 80% sell less than 1000 books.)

3. Practice Your Body Language.  If you're able to get on TV or you're in front of a live audience, which most speakers are, think about how to use hands and body as a point of emphasis.  Nothing fakey, but do you know how to enter the room?  Do you wave your hands so fast you could be a traffic cop?  Be mindful of your gestures.  You are on stage.  If you're on TV, learn how to sit up straight and on the back of your suitcoat on TV.  No wrinkly backs.

4. Up Your Energy Level.  The audience matches your energy level.  It's very important that you start a speech with a real, but high energy level.  Not corny, just engaging and upbeat.  Audiences want to be entertained and to learn something and if you drone on and on, they will tune out.  Too canned and you lose them their too.

These are just a few of the tips that I've seen as we've built out speakers and authors to take their message on the road. That's Bruce Helmer, Long Time Radio Show Host and author of a new book coming out January 2013 called Real Wealth, How to Make Smart Money Choices for What Matters Most to You. What are your questions or tips?

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