To Review Or Not To Review

by Cathy Paper on February 12th, 2013

I just spoke with Irwin Zucker, a Hollywood publicist, whose wife is a movie reviewer. It got me thinking about reviews and previews. People I talk to say they don't want to review a book because no one would listen. Other people love to review a book and will write a 400 word critique of what they think and use notations!

I fall in the middle. I like to see a movie before it opens because I feel in the know and a bit Hollywood. I tell other people what I think because it's good to have an opinion. I'm not harsh, because I'm so impressed with anyone who actually produces a book or movie.

When I review a book, I work on being helpful and sharing why another reader might like it. I give it a 1-5 star ranking since numbers help set the stage and offer a quick categorization. Yes, it's my industry, but I still think giving someone a heads up helps cut through all the clutter of the thousands books that are produced each year. offers reviewer tips and gives you questions to think about before posting a review.

Take a moment and review a book. It helps the author and helps the future readers. You can even make a video to really differentiate yourself.

If you want to preview any books and then write a review, send me an email and I'll add you to a special list.
Rock on!

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