How2 Clarify Your Vision

by Cathy Paper on February 24th, 2013

What do you want for your book or your speaking efforts?  How do you want your business to prosper as a result of your efforts?  Why are you spending time sharing your message?

These can be big thoughts to answer, but if you can get at the source of why you want to spread your ideas through a book, speaking or products you will be in a much stronger position to connect with your audience and have your audience hear you and benefit.  Those type of benefits result in stronger sales, more results and more buzz.

At RockPaperStar we've been using vision boards with our clients for more than ten years and they work.  You may recall making a fan poster of your favorite band when you were a kid or maybe posted up posters of a sports hero.  A vision board is not much different only take the time to really think about results that will stretch  you and fuel your journey.  

Do you want a New York Times bestseller?  Do you want to speak to a 4000 stage audience?  Post these types of visions on your board and put specific dates and words with them and then call us to help you make the details of the plan come to life.  We believe RockStars are created with hard work, inspiration and  purposeful action.   Let's do this thing! 

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