What Are You Waiting For?

by Cathy Paper on April 22nd, 2013

I see it all the time.  The wanna-be author or speaker has a sheet of paper with an idea, or an idea that they have been kicking around for years, or in one case a full manuscript that they just don't think is good enough to be printed.  I'm always puzzled why they don't just go for it.  Publish. Get an editor. Get someone to work with you on your speech.  Pleasantly I ask, what are you waiting for?

Ok, I am simplifying the challenges of writing and publishing and marketing a book.  But really you have this idea, so let's get going. It's more fun when you're in the creative process than standing waiting for the process to start. When I wait, I get fearful.  I worry. I imagine the worst results. I make up excuses about time, money and other b.s. that slows me down from reaching my goal.

I've been told I'm gutsy.  Some days I believe it. Some days I don't.  But most days when people come to me with an idea or a fuzzy goal, I will saddle up a bunch of courage, help them see the path and guide them to get going.  Action feels so much better than waiting.  Keep on rocking!

P.S. Write an article if that's an easier place to start!

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