How2 Go For It.

by Cathy Paper on May 29th, 2013

Make A Plan.

Be strategic about what you want to accomplish and why.  

Once you've established the "Big Goal", the details will follow. Don't pick too many tactical things to work on at once or you'll get overwhelmed.  As you're getting started be sure to engage your friends, contacts and current customers to help you reach your goals.  I've been a part of many book launches in the past six years.  The most successful ones are where everyone has a common goal and knows how the specific tasks drive towards the goal.

I've been making three month grids since I was a kid.  I've used them for training for marathons, planning my wedding, launching new products, and National book launches.  Going for it can be as simple as just doing something every day, for 100 days.  Or you can keep overthinking it and not taking any action. I prefer you get started and go for it!

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