How2 Feel Crabby!

by Cathy Paper on September 6th, 2013

You know how to feel crabby right? But do you know how to stay on top of that crabby energy?

Bestselling book launches require an extreme amount of effort and many people along the way become frustrated.  And if you're at all human, when you're pushed beyond your normal comfort zone you get a little crabby.  On an engine, it's called overheating.

I don't believe getting crabby can be avoided, but it certainly can be managed with clarity of your goal, a strong network of people to guide you through the challenging parts and a daily list of tasks to reach your goals.

During book launch, I encourage authors to stick to their exercise program, limit their drinking, maintain good habits and treat the 91 days on the RockStar Tour traction plan like you're running a marathon.  This type of physical investment makes the crabby moments shorter.  I also recommend a healthy sense of humor and a theme song to keep it all in perspective.

You can reach your goals and you can keep your sense of humor along the way.  Rock On!

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