How2 Get Started Writing A Book

by Cathy Paper on December 7th, 2013


You want to read a blog post about how to write a book? I get it, but I also know that every author I have worked with says they want to write a book and I can just tell that the book is waiting for them to actually put the time against writing it.

I'm not a book midwife, although the title has crossed my mind, but I do know that if you're reading a blog about writing a book or you've taken a class on writing a book, then YOU CAN DO THIS.

Think about a book like a running marathon, you know the hard core 26.1 length of marathon. No runner just goes out and runs it.  (Ok I'm wrong there was this guy I knew in college who signed up and actually ran that far without training.)  But most people, pace themselves and build up to running that length.  90 days is what it takes, but you have to have a base of 30 miles a week to start.  Most people that run 30 miles a week have run a race of anywhere from 5k to 10 miles maybe once, maybe dozens of times. 

Should writing a book be any different?  It's different because we make it huge in our minds. We think about how much time it would take to write.  We think about how we'd sell it. We think about who would read it, etc. etc. etc.  Please stop thinking.  Instead, take inspired action.  Just take action each day,

Find someone that you enjoy having coach you and start mapping out your plan.   You wouldn't run a marathon without buying new shoes, having someone drive you to the starting line or go on a training run.  Why would you go after your book goal without building your team. Surround yourself with a team to coach you along, there are so many people to choose from.

Why do you need a team?  Because, once we say we want to do something, we have a ton of questions.  How many words on a page? How long should my book be? What if my title isn't catchy enough? Who should endorse it? Paperback or hardcover?  Self-published or agent route?  That's just a sampling.  I have answered more than 200 questions for authors that want to write their book and market it successfully and the process is always the same.  It's the results that vary on if they actually do the WORK.  It's hard work to write a book but when you listen to the people around you who love your stories, are moved by your actions or could benefit from your message you will find all the motivation you need to start the race of writing a book and finish.   And, if you don't believe me, some gal from Minnesota, I recommend you bet me $50 bucks that you can get your book done and see what happens.

Rock On!  


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