How2 Improve Your Writing & Blogging

by Cathy Paper on February 18th, 2014

I read a lot of books on writing. My favorite is Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way.  I read something in another book by the same author that said when we set out to write a book we often think we need a set schedule and a big chunk of time to get our best writing done. She says, "Steal any time you can find and just write."

It sounds so simple, JUST WRITE. But it's so true. I have watched myself and others make writing much more complex than it needs to be to get a few ideas down on paper. A few ideas can turn into a larger concept and a few concepts can turn into a book or a blog post.  If you think the words that you're eventually going to market to an audience need to be perfect, consider if you were to JUST WRITE you could then bring in an editor, a proofer, a coach and as many other people as you desire to make your writing even better than what is probably very strong.  So, today, instead of staring at a blank journal page or a screen waiting, JUST WRITE.

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