What do you remember from books?

by Cathy Paper on June 25th, 2014

If you're reading this, you probably know that RockPaperStar markets authors at various levels.

Whether your goal is to sell 100 books or 10,000 books we show you strategies to tell people about your book, ideally purchase your book and remember why you wrote the words you wrote.

Lately though, people want to market in so many different places, Instagram, Linked In, Facebook, blogs, TV, online articles etc. That they forget that books are bought by people who have a short attention span and listen to their peers, aka network--often eyeball to eyeball. 

That's why we recommend you pick three key messages you want to be known for and make sure those messages come through consistently and simply so that people can buy your book and then tell their network why they liked your book.

A recent tip we gave a client was to have a sign off in the bottom of their email that says their book title and that it's coming in September of 2014.  Drive traffic to your website this way where you offer a free chapter or a pre-order link to Amazon.  If this sounds like a step by step process, it is, but each book launch has special rockpaperstar pixie dust to help you build your buzz and your brand for the long term.   (This is a few more than three ideas but you get the idea http://www.forbes.com/sites/martinzwilling/2014/06/06/10-ways-to-lose-your-first-million-as-an-entrepreneur/)

What do you remember about the last book you read?  We'd like to hear about it on our facebook page.  (And, be sure to recommend the book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Good Reads because you'll be helping an author spread their message and your name will get a few points in the google algorothim)

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