It's work to launch a book.

by Cathy Paper on July 15th, 2014

Every time I get to the end of a book launch ​project I have at least one, if not two giant three ring binders with all the tasks and worksheets that we have used to launch a book.  This doesn't include all the emails, digital files and all the promotional materials.

Launching a book is hard work. No matter what other people will tell you about how they have a fool proof marketing strategy for you to acheive bestselling status, Book launch is hard work. It's like training for a marathon. There are no shortcuts.  And if you take them, you get injured.  There are more than 200 tasks to do to set up your brand to be ready for book success. Take shortcuts and they will show after your launch and your book will flitter away.  RockPaperStar has built out the steps so that if you're an author looking to plan out how you can launch your book successful, the first time or within the first 48 months, we can help you make sense of all the to-do's.

Rock On!

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