Are you taking inspired action?

by Cathy Paper on August 23rd, 2014

I see a look in people's eyes when they tell me they want to write a book or speak.  It's a look that says they have something to say that has moved them to a different level.  They may have built a business. Learned a life lesson that they want to share. Accomplished an athletic feat. Or had a struggle that they made it through. Or maybe they have a story to tell that will entertain another person.

The look is of inspiration that they want to share or work through. It's not always an easy task to write a book and then to market it.  So they can get lost along the way, worn out, sidetracked, swindled etc.  But what I notice, when I see that look in their eyes is they are inspired to do something bigger than themselves.  They may not always be able to articulate why they want to write a book or they may know that it will help them grow their business, their personal brand etc.  But, often, that's not why they do all the hard work of creating a book and selling it. They promote their book because they are inspired to share their story with other people.  The best authors are honest, hard-working, vulnerable, collaborative and clear why they are doing a "book project."

If you're thinking about writing a book, read a few dedications, forwards and testimonials from a book you're reading and see if you can figure out what inspired the author to take action.  What are they trying to accomplish?  Who do they want to help? What is their motivation?  And, then, ask yourself the same questions and figure out what inspires you.  This exercise will make marketing your book much more effective.  And, yes, to become a little bit more of a rockstar is acceptable because no one will promote your book as effectively at you.

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