Are you trying to do all your book marketing yourself?

by Cathy Paper on September 29th, 2014

Here's what we often see:

Person gets idea for writing a book.

Person gets absorbed in book writing process.

Person eventually finishes book, or is close to finishing book.

Person is worn out and has spent a significant amount of time and money.

Person doesn't want to think about marketing their book, but knows that it's a big part of the process.

Person, now called Author, tries to do marketing themselves and entire cycle of spending and time starts again, often with limited results. 

At RockPaperStar we are focused on the big picture of the book marketing process and think the moment the book idea is born is the time to start thinking aboutmarketing.  Who will be on yourmarketing team?  Who do you want to connect with as readers and why? Who do you think will want to hire you to speak after you write a book, and are you ready to speak effectively? Who will assist you in marketing and selling the book?  Yes, selling the book—it's not easy to sell books.  Ask a published author.
That's why we recommend setting a goal at the start of the book writing process and be strategic about your marketingefforts.  Book marketing comes in many forms, a friend can write a review for you on, a neighbor can go into Barnes & Noble and ask for your book so that the bookstore carries it, an association you belong to can do a mailing about the book, your aunt can bake cookies for your book launch in your home town, you can reach out to your friend who produces the local newspaper.
Book marketing doesn't have to be exhausting if you expand your network and invite others to cheer you on to success.
Tom Hayes, Phil Styrlund and Marian Deegan recently hosted a book launch party at Tom's office Riley Hayes. More than 160 people came out to celebrate their success of Relevance: Matter More and three days later, the book was listed in’s Top Ten Hot New Releases in Business Sales & Strategy.

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