How's your voice?

by Cathy Paper on May 29th, 2015

It's always nice to see speakers get connected to their message.  They learn how to speak to audiences and to land the ideas and stories that make the most impact.

Along the way, they find their voice.  But there's their voice and the words that come out and then there's their voice that they need to protect as one of the strongest instruments they have to connect with an audience.

One of my clients is Carr Hagerman, an experienced speaker, voice-over talent and performer.  Carr works with people to help them find both their voice and to improve their delivery.  He gives people the tools to know what happens if you drink dairy before you speak and how to use softer tones to draw attention to key points.

These are just several of the strategic points he makes with people wanting to really use their voice.  If you've never worked with someone to help you deliver your message with more impact, I strongly recommend you find a professional to work with.  Your audience will thank you and your voice will last longer than if you don't learn these tips.

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