Sample 91 day Tour Plan™

A sample 91 day book launch plan that has all the steps needed to launch a completed book. Hundreds of authors have used this plan to launch their books with great success. It's hard work to launch and sell more than 1,000 books. In fact, 80% of authors don't sell more than 1,000 books. 

At RockPaperStar we've been with authors and done the work together.  This same plan is used by authors and their teams who spend six figures to do a book launch with PR agencies, project managers, website development and more.

No matter where you are at in the book development process it's a good idea to strategize to sell more books.  It's never too late to launch.

This 91 day worksheet shows all the steps and shares tips and ideas.  Copy this plan to build your own RockStar launch plan.
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91 day RockStar Tour Traction Plan™

Gain the proven formula for developing and launching a bestselling book or relaunching your book. Learn how other experts have combined training products, speaking and books to make money and deliver their message or grow their business.

Take the 10 steps to the spotlight with the 91 day RockStar Tour Plan™. This plan includes book marketing, speaking and product development strategies, checklists and tips. Instead of paying $5,000 to $100,000 for marketing strategies and implementation, learn the secrets, tips and strategies from the tools bestselling authors and World Famous speakers use with RockPaperStar. Stop fumbling around with a variety of approaches and get strategic to make your efforts consistent and impactful.

The 91 day RockStar Tour Traction Plan™ comes with a 56 page workbook, 10 audio lessons, and an awesome wall poster.

Save Time While Building Your Network

Your network is one of your strongest business assets.  If you want to save time and be more strategic then take 30 minutes to work through this workbook.  Learn how to build relationships, increase your exposure, find your networking style and learn to "Just Say Hello."  The Paper Process works to build relationships that will make reaching your goals and having the impact you desire a reality.

Bestselling book launch poster, workbook and coaching

Save time.  Make a plan and make the most of your book marketing efforts.

It's hard work to sell a book. What's your goal for your book? Selling 100, 1000, 10,000, or 10 million books?

First figure out what game you are playing and set a goal.  Next, work to take action with a concrete plan to make the most of your time and financial investment. Rockpaperstar provides authors with a strategic framework, a proven 3 month checklist and a series of emails to promote your book. These tools will help you understand and sort through all of the actions needed to market and launch a book.  

A book is often just one part of an expert marketing strategy that includes speaking and product sales.    

Market your book well, and your vision will fall into place. 

This product shares several basic worksheets, strategies and audio that includes stories from #1 New York Times bestseller Harvey Mackay, Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive, Steven Schussler, Founder of the Rainforest Cafe, and many more book launch lessons from authors of all levels learned along the way.    

The What Game Are You Playing? Book Marketing Bests workbook will help you become a ROCK STAR. 


​When it comes to coaching, Cathy Paper is an expert. She knows how to improve, motivate, and push people in order to increase results. She has coached executives at Best Buy, Paramount Pictures, John Deere, and Apple as well as many Minnesota-based privately held companies and service firms. 

Through her use of strengths-based assessment, networking development tools and insights, Cathy guides leaders to take inspired action to define and reach their goals to grow themselves, their teams and their organizations.