by Cathy Paper on February 1st, 2017

Are you one of those people who speed up a little bit when you see the street sign with your suggested speed or do you slow down? Or do you not even notice the sign that you've driven by for years?
I usually only notice measurement when it matters most, for example, when a ball is close to the line in tennis, or when they have to bring the chains onto the field in football. Or even when the trainer suggests it's not about the scale measurement, but about the actual measurements of your waist and hips.

Being intentional about your network means staying in touch with them more frequently
I watch how in business people attend to the measurement of money and the desired outcomes, think strategic planning, tax season, sale prices.

Creating a measurement for the key relationships that assist you in getting your job done, preparing for a new job or being a resource for other people in your network is crucial. This metric can be easily created and will helpful to your future success.

Take inventory
Taking inventory of your relationships and knowing who will help introduce you and expand your impact is valuable no matter where you are in your work success.

Take out a sheet of paper and draw 15 lines and 3 columns.
On the left side write down all the people you may have relationships with that could benefit from knowing what you do and what you are wanting to accomplish.
For example:
Accountant/ doctor/banker/lawyerPeople from your high school, college or graduate schoolReligious contactsSports or hobby friendsNon-profitWork/coworkersTrade associationsNeighborsMentor/mentee/Journalists/MediaOther

Here is the scoring criteria:
One point for having at least one or more people in each category that would know your name and know what you do professionally. Add a point if they have referred business to you or your firm.
In the next column, if you have a really strong relationship with the person and you are confident they know what you do, they respect you and they trust you enough to refer business, give yourself a five. If you aren't sure, give a three, and set up a time to meet with the person and make it stronger.
If you are not sure, or if you think the relationship is challenged, give yourself a one.
It's ok to know someone but not have a great relationship. We can't have all level-five relationships. But the key is knowing where you are with this person and what you can do to make your relationship stronger.

Tally it up
If you're at 10, there's work to be done to expand your network and dive deeper into the cross-section of networking that can make your work easier to accomplish. And I'm not just talking about how many people you have on LinkedIn. It's about how many people you can call up and invite to a fundraiser, a luncheon or ask to do business with you.

Many of the most successful people I know start off with only 10 key relationships then develop into a reputation as successful. It's about who knows what you are doing and who else they tell to increase your impact.

If you're at 25, congrats, you're a rock star. That means you're probably involved in community service and you have a reach beyond what you may have been aware of.
Being intentional about your network means staying in touch with them more frequently than just holiday cards and a sales call follow-up. It means knowing what is going on and how you can help each other reach goals.

Anything over 25 is impressive. Start sharing with others how you've built such strong relationships and what you did to build up a strong network. Share with other people how you decide which events to attend and where to spend your time. You've obviously built relationships; maybe you golf a little, but you know how to create relationships for life.
I work with a client who held a party when he moved into a new space and invited all the people he had done business with along the way. It included non-profit friends, corporate friends and people from his kids' friendships.

This group knew this man well. They liked him in many different ways and respected his impact. It was truly a celebration of the strong relationships he has built over the years. He scores in the 100s and still writes hand-written notes to people to thank them for their support. Being a class act measures up well in the long run.

by Cathy Paper on January 29th, 2017

Snow is a common thing during Minnesota winters.

In fact, we have a carnival to celebrate winter and to get people outside and active.  This year, it's expanded and includes cross country ski races, pond hockey and the traditional carnival with ice sculptures and more!  

Once the dust has settled for New Year's Resolutions, many people stop trying to plan and take action to reach their goals.

So on February 1, 2017 several brave souls from Minnesota will venture out into the frozen tundra to plan their goals, build their network and unleash their inner rockstar to reach their goals.

Everyone knows you can't build a snowball without a little snow, but did you know that you can't reach your goals without a plan?  Call us at 612-349-2744 if you want to be on the list for next year!

by Cathy Paper on December 15th, 2016

So many young people have stood in my kitchen over the years, wondering how to get a job or even get started on their search.

I usually take out a sheet of paper from the printer and start asking questions about what they are majoring in, what they are interested in and who they know.  And BOOM, we have a job search plan.

But what about your Dream Job?  Why not go for that.

So, I'm hosting another workshop this January at the University of Minnesota.

Here's a bit of info and the link to get started.

Who’s the Dream Job HQ workshop for:
• Anyone over 18, up to 25, who wants to find the job of their dreams.
• People who can’t find an internship in their desired field.
• Soon to be or recent college graduates who are clueless or afraid of the job search process.
• A young professional who knows there has to be more than this job.
What’s covered in this workshop:
A proven methodology and plan for helping people get the job of their dreams. Real-world branding, marketing and business development/sales skills are translated and applied to job seekers.
• Sharpening your brand identity
• Clarifying your purpose
• Learning how to articulate your experience
• Developing a point of view
• Communicating your point of view
• Building a resume: your resume as your packaging
• The power of networking and why connection is crucial (or all that counts)
• Networking boot camp and LinkedIn overview
• Getting your shot
• Understanding the value equation
• Learning how to solve a company’s problem vs apply for a job
• Learning to sell yourself

Learn More, Click Here

by Cathy Paper on October 29th, 2016

Timers work. Alarms work. So do challenges and deadlines for getting things done.  When a timer buzzes when you're in the kitchen you go check on whatever you're cooking.  When a smoke alarm goes off you know that it's time to take action and do something different, like turn on a fan or open a window or worse get out of a burning house.

So if you want to launch or relaunch your book, give the proven RockPaperStar 5 day challenge a shot.

This simple program will provide you with the guidance to set a big picture goal for your book launch or relaunch. To get a plan in place for your PR, marketing, sales and other efforts to increase sales.  The 5 day challenge shows examples of how to email your network and invite them to help you promote your book.  It also generates ideas for book sponsors, book launch events and more.  

What are you waiting for? Smoke to come from inside of your books to encourage you to start marketing and selling them. No one can sell a book as good as an author. Start making a plan, in fact, the 91 day ROCKSTAR Tour plan and you'll see results.

by Cathy Paper on September 26th, 2016

There is something about Fall that makes me feel both scholarly and abundant.  Ok, scholarly might be a stretch.  But I am visiting my daughter at her college campus and I've seen more libraries and studying going on than I have in a long time.

So, I am feeling like learning is in the air.

If you're an author and you want to market and sell your book. I have a great invitation for you.  Join me this Friday to learn how to create a marketing plan for your book and how to set up a schedule so that you can email, launch PR, host a launch event, invite your friends and network to help you sell your book and more in three months.  And, without breaking your bank account. 

The details are over here in a special Facebook group ​for RockPaperStar clients, but since I'm feeling generous, I'm letting you in this month for free and hopefully we'll do some work together, or I'll have to kick you to the curb on all the book marketing tips we've learned in the past ten years helping authors like Harvey Mackay, Joe Sweeney, Matt Birk, Caryn Sullivan, Brandon Doyle, Chris Farrell and more sell books around the world.

by Cathy Paper on August 5th, 2016

I would really like you to help me spread the word about this new book by Mike Domitrz, Can I Kiss You.  It's perfect for young adults, educators and parents to navigate the tricky new waters of dating and intimacy.
​Please check it out and buy one for someone in your life.  Or contact me with an idea for how we can increase exposure of this great book that just launched.

Cathy Paper

p.s. It was a #1 bestseller on Amazon!

by Cathy Paper on August 5th, 2016

But it's recommended for things you are passionate about.

by Cathy Paper on June 29th, 2016

Coaching is about improving on new tips to reach your goal over an extended period of time.  I love sports and one of the things I like most about summer is helping people learn how to waterski. I'm no expert skier, but I know the basics.

If you start with one or two tips at a time, most people can learn how to waterski in one afternoon.  And that doesn't even mean wearing nose plugs or yanking out an arm.  Start with the basic concepts, knees bent, arms straight, sit like you're in a chair, let the boat pull you up.  That's enough for anyone to think about, especially an 85 pound kid.

So the boat takes off after you say "Hit it! Or Make it happen captain!" and then what happens, you can't remember all the things and the boat starts to pull you up and you yank your arms back and then you're almost up and then you lock your legs and fall backwards or forwards. I swim out and tell you to shake it off and the boat circles around and you give it another go. Arms straight, knees bent, let the boat pull you. And now I add in the mindset, relax, breathe, you got this. And so it goes usually about four tries is all I'll let someone go and then if they haven't gone at least 100 yards on skis then I say let's dry off and give someone else a turn and try again.

It works. It always works. Mastering one tip at a time and following the proven formula always works. It's that easy, yet we always want to add in so many other things. Maybe it's the skis, I can't swim well, I'm too light, I'm too heavy, the driver is bad etc. Sticking with the basic tips will allow for success to come through.

The same is true with launching a book. It's hard work. At RockPaperStar, we've been showing authors how to launch books and market themselves with several strategic tips for more than ten years. If you follow the basic 14 tips each day over a 3 month period it will be easier to launch and sell more than 1000 books.  Why 1000? Because 80% of the published books sell less than that amount.  If I can get you waterskiing, I can get you selling 1000 books if you consider these tips. So, sign up for the free 14 day bestselling book launch tips and you'll be whizzing through book launch waving back at your readers in no time.  Have a great fourth of July!  AND grab those 14 tips HERE for FREE!

by Cathy Paper on March 15th, 2016

If you're wondering why your networking feels so difficult, it may be that you don't have a clearly defined set of rules for how you approach building relationships. This article featured in 43 markets can give you a few ideas to put into action. ​ Published by the American City Business Journals.  It would be great to know what you liked.

by Cathy Paper on January 26th, 2016

Please check out the latest post from the American City Business Journal on LinkedIn.  

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